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Alberta Pulse Traders is a CGC licensed and bonded, partly owned subsidiary of L.A. Grain that specializes in the marketing of split pulse products. All of the products offered by Alberta Pulse Traders are processed at the L.A. Grain facility.

We provide:

  • Quality product - The Southern Prairies of Canada produce some of the world’s best quality pulse crops. A Satake Color Sorter helps us to ensure that all shipped product meets or exceeds the grade specifications of our customers, even when growing conditions have not been favorable. All of our products are cleaned to the export standards of the Canadian Grain Commission, foundhere.
  • Competitive Pricing – The location of L.A. Grain facility allows us to accommodate nearly any inland transportation request in a cost effective manner. Our proximity to the Port of Vancouver often enables us to offer exceptionally competitive pricing on any "westbound" exports, and the relatively high import traffic to Calgary subsequently provides us with typically cheaper freight rates to the Port of Montreal when compared to Saskatchewan origins.
  • Flexible transportation - L.A. Grain can ship bagged product in 20' ocean containers or 48'/53’ intermodals. We can also ship bulk product in 20' ocean containers or covered hopper rail cars. This flexibility can help to ensure that the most inexpensive inland freight alternative is used.
  • Custom Packaging - A state of the art bagging system and automated conveyance system allows us to load a container in less than an hour. We can package in 25kg, 50kg, 50lb, or 100lb poly bags; as well as 2000-3000 lb tote bags. If preferred, our customers can provide bags with their personalized logo and/or custom markings.

For an up-to-date price quote, please contact Jason Getty at 403-327-9787, or byemail.


Specializing in Split Pulse Products

Split Yellow Peas

Split Red Lentils

Also Available – Bagged Products

Whole Yellow Peas

Large Kabuli Chickpeas
#1, #2 & Max 5% damage
7, 8, 9 & 10mm sizes

Whole Red Lentils
#1, #2, X3 & #3
Blaze, Crimson, Robin,
Rouleau & Redberry

Whole Green Lentils
#1, #2, X3 & #3
Laird, Richlea, & Eston Types