For Our Producers

L.A. Grain Ltd. is a delivery point, processor and packager of field peas, chickpeas and lentils. L.A. Grain is a purchasing agent for a number of Canadian Grain Commission licensed and bonded Pulse Crop Buyers. Alberta Pulse Traders is a CGC licensed and bonded, partly owned subsidiary of L.A. Grain that specializes in the marketing of split pulse products.

We provide:

  • Grain Marketing - L.A. Grain's extensive network of CGC licensed Pulse Crop Buyers ensures that Our Producers receive the best prices available for their pulse crops.
  • Grading services - Complimentary and with no obligation.
  • Convenience – Thelocation of our facility along with our ability to unload quickly makes L.A. Grain a very convenient facility to deliver your crops to.
  • Color Sorting - We can improve the quality and value of your pulse crops by removing damaged seeds using our Satake Color Sorter.

For up to date bids and delivery opportunities, please contact our office at 403-327-9787. Or email ushere.


Yellow Peas

Green Peas

Large Kabuli Chickpeas

Small Kabuli Chickpeas

Green Lentils

Red Lentils